Solvents [noun]

Definition of Solvents:

drink; alcoholic beverage

Synonyms of Solvents:

Opposite/Antonyms of Solvents:


Sentence/Example of Solvents:

It was cool in the lab and the air smelled faintly of solvents.

Ideas are solvents of all mysteries, whether in matter or mind.

Turpentine, petroleum spirit and other solvents are also used to thin the varnishes.

Of these solvents, only the first three are of economic importance.

As solvents of prejudice, Mill's works have not been surpassed by any.

This material, unlike the oil from which it has been formed, is insoluble in most solvents.

In his writings the solvents of the older criticism are best seen at work.

There are many ways in which solvents may be applied, some are the subject of patents.

But even this anger had no secure tenure in a nature so rich in solvents for disdain.

When the government first ordered a pure nitro-cellulose powder, large quantities of solvents were consumed in its preparation.