Solving [verb]

Definition of Solving:

answer, resolve

Opposite/Antonyms of Solving:

Sentence/Example of Solving:

He could make money by solving the secret for a troubled soul.

When he was tired he rested himself by the solving of a geometrical problem.

Since I was unable to aid her in solving it, I returned it to her.

Hedvig shone in solving the questions put to her by the company.

He dreamed a dream of solving the problem of labor versus capital.

You can do your part now; you will help toward the solving of age-long mysteries.

He felt that he was on the track of solving the mystery connected with his boat.

I promised that if I succeeded in solving the mystery, I would hand the rest to you.

These illustrate the spawning method of solving the problem of survival.

He did not want the help of Scotland Yard in solving the crime.