Sombre [adjective]

Definition of Sombre:

dull, lifeless

Synonyms of Sombre:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sombre:

Sentence/Example of Sombre:

At this he looked with sombre intelligence and set it carefully aside.

"They soon lose their perfume," replied the sombre Old Year.

The lowered physiognomy of Mr Verloc expressed a sombre and weary annoyance.

His voice was sombre, because he had a correct sentiment of the situation.

He entered in the clatter of the shop bell with an air of sombre and vexed exhaustion.

A sombre rage possessed them, and gave to their hearts a giant's daring.

I had returned from my adventure on the labour levels in a mood of sombre depression.

I know just what sort of a person he is—sombre and taciturn.

Determined, deadly, sombre, was the look exchanged; then Morris went away.

Grave, dignified, sombre, a laugh made him frantic to ridiculousness.