Somehow [adverb]

Definition of Somehow:

by some means

Synonyms of Somehow:

Opposite/Antonyms of Somehow:

No way

Sentence/Example of Somehow:

I was told by one or two of my customers to go and hear him, but somehow or other I never did.

This man, somehow or other, knows every thing that passes in our family.

And somehow you knew it wasn't your naughtiness that made her cry.

He wasn't smiling; but somehow his eyes looked kinder than if they had smiled.

He had somehow injured his knee that he could not walk a step.

Somehow, Gilder, the way she talked had its effect on everybody in the courtroom.

Somehow, the inflection on the last word did not altogether suggest the ingenuous.

Her eyes were somehow appraising, but altogether indifferent.

He was quite sure that somehow or other K. had had a hand in it.

But, somehow, I have got to make both of these things just and right to me.