Someone [noun]

Definition of Someone:


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Sentence/Example of Someone:

Someone, as he crossed the room, whirled to follow him with a glance.

He had a singular feeling that someone had been looking at him while he slept.

It made Andrew think, foolishly enough, of someone tipping a hat.

If it's got to be someone, Sidney, I'd rather have it the roomer upstairs than Wilson.

I—I'm being very frank, but I've got to talk this out with someone.

Certainly, he to-day made her think of someone, but of whom?

At length she was a little disturbed, fearing that someone might see him.

There never was any change or progress 'til someone started to think and write!

People will hear you, and there's someone coming down the street.

Cartwright looked as if someone had struck him a sudden blow in the face.