Sometime [adverb]

Definition of Sometime:

at an indefinite time

Synonyms of Sometime:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sometime:

Sentence/Example of Sometime:

True, Sidney would not marry him for years, but she had practically promised to sometime.

But perhaps, sometime, we may figure out a way of getting them up.

Sometime after, the Czar asked if there was no beer to be had.

Sometime late at night we retired to rest—or to try to rest.

And the sometime greater to the sometime less, and the greater that is to be to the less that is to be?

Daddy, sometime when you have an opportunity, ask Mr. Black about this Monty, will you?

Sometime in the afternoon (heaven knows when) I went back to Sunny Lodge.

As for Grace, it was sometime before that young lady became coherent.

We should have met openly; I realize it, and have felt it for sometime.

He could fit ANY kind of feet, she declared, and the minister ought to try him sometime.