Somewhere [adverb]

Definition of Somewhere:

in, or at some place

Synonyms of Somewhere:

Opposite/Antonyms of Somewhere:

Sentence/Example of Somewhere:

It was for ever fighting someone, somewhere, for causes which did not interest the subjects at all.

Somewhere there is a ship that needs it, or if not, the light does its duty.

Somewhere between 1267 and 1280 the Castle had been destroyed and rebuilt.

The boy was philandering, junketing, somewhere on the Riviera.

Somewhere in him were the seeds of self-sacrifice, the seeds of a generous devotion to others.

He'd hide me somewhere outside the city, he'd bury alive the most lovely of women.

And yet I longed to see him again, to be with him—somewhere, away from them all.

Before we reached the lobby, John came from somewhere, hurrying towards us.

In height he was about five feet ten inches; and in age, somewhere in the vicinity of thirty.

Somewhere in waiting there had been confederates who had removed what remained of him.