Somnolence [noun]

Definition of Somnolence:


Opposite/Antonyms of Somnolence:

Sentence/Example of Somnolence:

They pretended they desired this tranquillity, and somnolence of their hearts.

A crack on the head makes you dizzy and into her dizziness a somnolence had entered.

There could be no doubt of Tim's somnolence for he gave unmistakable evidence of it.

He broke into camp and roused McHale from a state of somnolence and tobacco.

Somnolence is nothing more than an inordinate tendency to sleep.

Philadelphia has a traditional reputation for a calm that borders on somnolence.

In other cases the opposite condition of somnolence may be present.

Surely the psyche could not change its degree of somnolence so quickly.

She had noticed that the arrival of the bed seemed to draw him from his somnolence.

The lane up to the inn was in its middle-day emptiness and somnolence.