Songful [adjective]

Definition of Songful:


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Sentence/Example of Songful:

The birds are those of California—many, prolific, and songful.

In May and June the waterfalls are at their best, and the birds are most songful.

So we may walk from one flower to another until the morning wears to a bright noon and the afternoon wanes into a songful sunset.

The songful satirical line spouted in him, to be flung at his girl, as he ran upstairs to the boudoir off the drawing-room.

To anyone capable of turning these causes to effects this sound is not dull and monotonous, but richly varied into songful music.

Then another youth approached, and received more 256 airily a silver token, with the same blue ribbon and songful welcome.

But Mr. Newcastle's involuntary wit was of no avail, and he was forced to curb his songful spirit until a more fitting season.

Here is his description of his change from "burning love" to the state of "songful love."