Songs [noun]

Definition of Songs:

melody sung or played with musical instrument

Synonyms of Songs:

Opposite/Antonyms of Songs:


Sentence/Example of Songs:

No one drank except as the leader said they could, and at night they made prayers and songs.

You will find all these songs and some others in a book by Miss Fletcher in the public library.

Sing me the songs that to me were so deah Long, long ago, long ago.

He could hear them singing the songs Margaret had taught them.

But sing something that we can understand,—sing the songs I have given you, if you will.

No shouts of success, no songs of triumph, were heard, in rejoicings for their victory.

He had heard fragments of tunes and songs in the warm wind, which he knew had no existence.

They separated into groups according to the requirements of the songs they wished to sing.

Most of Barry Cornwall's and Mrs. Heman's songs are written in it.

The following are a few remarks on the songs in the list you sent me.