Songsters [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Songsters:

The songster you're listenin' to now is just a whip-poor-will.

This truly admirable bird is a songster of no mean capacity.

But the Blue-Bird does not equal the Redbreast as a songster.

Unfortunately the Gray Wagtail can claim but low rank as a songster.

Were its notes only louder the bird would be in the first rank as a songster.

I presently discovered the musician and songster to be Orpheus and Sappho.

And, of course—considering his world-wide fame as a songster——'

Not strictly a songster, yet his every note and call is from out the soul of harmony.

This songster had a good bust, and desired to convince her audience of the fact.

No poet who respected himself was content to be merely a songster.