Sonnet [noun]

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I must needs try my new-fledged pinions in sonnet, elogy, and madrigal.

It contrasts "foe and friend," just as the sonnet contrasts "love and hate."

Shakespeare told us the truth about himself when he wrote in sonnet 142, "Love is my sin."

Take any sonnet at haphazard, and you will hear the rage of his desire.

Here we have "the pretty follies" which is used again as "pretty wrongs" in sonnet 41.

In Sonnet 136 he prays her to allow him to be one of her lovers.

He also gave me a copy of the sonnet and a tracing of his son's photograph.

That Tasso had a cat we know because he wrote a sonnet to her.

This Sonnet was sent in a letter to Southey, dated December 11, 1794.

The Sonnet was sent to Southey in a letter dated December 17, 1794.