Sooner [adverb]

Definition of Sooner:

in the near future

Opposite/Antonyms of Sooner:






Sentence/Example of Sooner:

No sooner did the thought occur to him than he acted upon it.

So he lay down in the coffin but no sooner was he inside when bang!

But if I join to you, I'll have to meet him sooner or later.

The sooner you go to see Miss Wilder the sooner you'll know her fate.

No sooner was the first light streaking the horizon to the east than Andrew wakened.

No sooner did he learn of Mark's condition, than he insisted on taking charge of him.

Swine were the natural companions of the prodigal, and the sooner he was with them the better!

She began at once to teach her music: the sooner a beginning was made the better!

If want would drive him home, the sooner he came to it the better!

No sooner were we fairly on our way to St. Chly than the weather changed.