Soot [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Soot:

The shop was built of rough boards, and the inside was blackened with soot.

The button of soot has vanished into the limbo of superseded inventions.

Nothing, however, appeared to have been touched or disturbed, and there was no soot on the floor.

The gas had left what appeared to be like a daub of soot on the ceiling.

And I rubs my hand on the wall where he got over, and there was soot on it, and no mistake.

And into what a heaven—a vault as of hell, sooty black, from which soot descended!

That pipe's been up so long that I wouldn't wonder if 'twas chock-full of soot.

Soot on the exhaust stacks proved that the motors had been tried, at least.

Sweeps there be who scorn the game,On them tons of soot fall!

We took out the damper and poked out all the soot and ashes.