Soothes [verb]

Definition of Soothes:

calm, ease

Synonyms of Soothes:

Opposite/Antonyms of Soothes:

Sentence/Example of Soothes:

Officious kindness, which often soothes the agonies of death, was denied her.

Oh, Mr. Don—' She goes to him like a child, and he soothes and pets her.

It aids recollection, and soothes and excites and animates the soul of man.

How kind you are—how pleasant your voice is; it soothes me to listen to it.

It soothes and gratifies, and it helps an idle hour to pass.

The book for me is the book that delights, attracts, soothes, or uplifts me.

I found it, so to speak, when I got here, and my experience is that it soothes the Child.

Nay, you are very useful in your way, for you play and sing to him, and that soothes him.

There is a certain something in the air that soothes as well as stirs.

She soothes the afflicted, and cares for the infirm and aged.