Soothingly [adverb]

Definition of Soothingly:


Synonyms of Soothingly:

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Sentence/Example of Soothingly:

"Don't be alarmed, my dear mother," said Robert, soothingly.

"I speak but as the People of the Cliffs," said Moke-icha soothingly.

"We'll talk 'bout that some other time," said Mr. Winship soothingly.

"I can't conscientiously tell him that, Jimmy," said Yates soothingly.

"He's got none at all," said the Boston captain, soothingly.

She threw her arms round his neck, and kissed him soothingly.

Mr Rugg was so soothingly persuasive as to be quite pathetic. '

"I don't see any cheek in it," I said, as soothingly as possible.

He walked over to White Fang and began talking to him gently and soothingly.

"No, indeed," said Mrs. Petty soothingly, placing a thermometer in his mouth.