Soothsayer [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Soothsayer:

To this the soothsayer adds the ceremonial element, 'attending upon the gods.'

Laches draws the inference that the courageous man is either a soothsayer or a god.

And yet Nicias, would you allow that you are yourself a soothsayer, or are you neither a soothsayer nor courageous?

Next day, Coeratadas arrived with the victims and the soothsayer.

“You have divined the offence like a soothsayer,” said the stranger, laughingly.

Of course you'll go and hear what the soothsayer has to say about the velvet case?

"That brings us to the present," said the soothsayer, dropping her hand.

The soothsayer predicts in accordance with his knowledge of what has gone before.

A soothsayer had even bidden him to "beware of the Ides of March."

This soothsayer said that Moray was only in danger from domestical treason.