Sooty [adjective]

Definition of Sooty:


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Sentence/Example of Sooty:

Tulp's sooty face took on a more dubious look, if that were possible.

This is called the Sooty Lactarius and is very easily identified.

And into what a heaven—a vault as of hell, sooty black, from which soot descended!

The ascending air was hot, and had a heavy, sooty, paraffiny smell.

From a house you see a sooty roof, from a ship you see Valhalla.

There was about Merlier a smell of death like the smell of sooty smoke.

He would like to be with her at a sap-boiling, in the sooty shadows.

I am encircled with squalor, with hunger, rage, and sooty desperation.

It was an aged female that spoke; she sat on the ground all clad in a sooty garment.

Was it possible that the other denizen of the sooty flue could be Captain de Banyan?