Sophistication [noun]

Definition of Sophistication:

culture, style

Synonyms of Sophistication:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sophistication:

Sentence/Example of Sophistication:

But he was resolved to use his best skill to disarm her sophistication.

With all her sophistication, Tillie was vastly ignorant of life.

She chattered with the childish artlessness that at times veiled her sophistication.

It will perhaps not do to say that it is altogether a matter of sophistication.

Her expression, her voice, her lack of sophistication, all had the limpidity of water.

It takes courage and sophistication to do that sort of thing.

But he must do what he can, when he cannot do what he would, and only show that he consenteth not to the sophistication.

Her sophistication in the present instance greatly relieved the strain.

A little vacation from the sophistication of the commonplace.

He cannot understand the situation: he has to unlearn all his lessons in sophistication.