Soppy [adjective]

Definition of Soppy:


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Sentence/Example of Soppy:

"The cloth's all wet and soppy," said Joel, beginning to twitch at the bandage.

If you only knew what it meant for Jenny Pearl to be the soppy one.

Sally wondered why a good-looking boy so often had a soppy one with him.

And she looked at silly old Miss Jubb, and soppy May, and thought how they had no lovers.

The thaw had just set in and the ground was soppy, which was bad luck.

The elephant, Imogene, was bulked dimly in the first gray of a soppy dawn.

We lay in camp all day—soppy, sore—waiting for the rain to let up.

Michel and old Liz entered, dripping like water-nymphs, and sat down on the soppy bed.

He snatched up a wet blanket that was lying in a soppy pile on the floor of the hall and sprang for the stairs.

She had tried to talk to the boys and found them soppy, and herself soppy, and everything soppy.