Sops [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Sops:

Time was when you all pulled the one way, and a sop to the Pope pleased you all.

Judas that he was, he took her sop, and then sold her for thirty pieces of silver.

This man—this alleged brother, threw him a sop, insulted him by offering him charity.

That was one sop to conscience when I remembered that she was a wife.

To-morrow he will be throwing some sop of reform to the people, and it will be too late for a Republic.

The sop must not scorch, but the seasoning must be cooked through it.

"I would execrate it were it a Stradivarius," said he, his mouth full of sop.

This other thing is simply a sop with which to plaster an old wound.

He pointed to the window at which sop had been sitting so long.

Pleased with the humility of his audience, sop began his narrative.