Soreness [noun]

Definition of Soreness:


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Sentence/Example of Soreness:

My heart is sore as I write, with the soreness that filled it that day.

There was the bandage on his arm, the soreness under that bandage.

No, sir; Jack Beckley rubbed all the soreness out of me last night.

I had a soreness at my heart, an oppression on my spirits, which weighed me down.

She admits with soreness and humiliation unspeakable that she has done him wrong.

He was cured of his fancy, although no effort of will could protect the soreness of the bruise.

Hunger, soreness of body, drowsiness, attacked him together.

The soreness will work out and be gone for good after a few lessons.

He was tired and stiff and his back showed signs of soreness.

This dissolves the knot, and reduce the swelling and soreness.