Sorrel [adjective]

Definition of Sorrel:

dark, burnished color

Synonyms of Sorrel:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sorrel:


Sentence/Example of Sorrel:

A ridin' that sorrel mut, too, when she ought to be in the house washin' dishes.

Lemon juice and the juice of sorrel will also remove ink stains, but not so easily as the concrete acid of lemons, or citric acid.

Wash some roots of sorrel quite clean, bruise them in a mortar, and steep them in white wine vinegar for two or three days.

Wash and clean a quantity of sorrel, put it into a stewpan that will just hold it, with a piece of butter, and cover it close.

Said the doctor, nodding his head knowingly, 'Have you got a sorrel horse then?'

I saw the man on the sorrel horse fire that shot—don't forget that.

But the sorrel, too, was a thoroughbred, fresh when he left Frederick.

For the sorrel he substituted a big, bony young bay of his own.

The mount was a sorrel with white stockings and a splash of white on the nose.

At the head of the gulch the man on the sorrel had turned to the left.