Sorrowfully [adverb]

Definition of Sorrowfully:


Synonyms of Sorrowfully:

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Sentence/Example of Sorrowfully:

"I shall not know when morning comes," said he, sorrowfully.

"Do you know, if I disappeared tonight, there's not a soul—" said Jenny, sorrowfully.

The lad came forward into the light, and eyed Sir Crispin sorrowfully.

He said his fish-hook had lost its charm and sorrowfully he took it away with him in his canoe.

"Ah, you say you do, yet you refuse to do as I wish you," sorrowfully replied the siren.

Miss Amabel rose to her feet and stood regarding him sorrowfully.

"So you are going to leave your old dad again," he asked, sorrowfully.

“Why, it must be autumn,” she said sorrowfully, as she looked around.

"No; I am as much alone in the world as one well can be," rejoined he, sorrowfully.

I have come back for nothing but disappointment,' added he sorrowfully.