Sot [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Sot:

And she sot off for the school-house that evenin' a-walkin' a foot.

Maybe it's because I hain't hed much to do with 'em that I'm sot on 'em.

Wall, I sot down a minnit to think it over, and then the trouble commenced.

And she was sot and he was sotter, and at last they quarreled.

A feller gits sort of sot in his ways, and it's hard to give in to the other chap.

He took 'em all and sot down in the kitchen to look 'em over.

Putting the end over his shoulders, he compels the sot to come along.

They was all sot on your being her sweetheart, except me and her––and Joe.

The sot Percie died shortly after, according to the manner of his kind.

Ye see, old Black Hoss he was sot agin Elderkin 'cause he was poor.