Sought [adjective]

Definition of Sought:


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Sentence/Example of Sought:

I have sought for thee throughout the world, and at last I believed thee dead.

Beyond it, I saw you standing with outstretched arms, as if you sought to come to me, but could not.

I have sought thy daughter in marriage for Xerxes, prince of the empire.

The true remedy is not to be sought in that direction in the one case any more than the other.

He could not even tell her that it was at Hope's command he sought her.

We have sought no territory and we have imposed our will on none.

He felt that the deep wisdom in his art, which he had sought so far, was found.

Russia sought to extend her conquests south and to seize upon Turkey.

The portrait responded not; so I sought an answer for myself.

Other ways have been sought, and have been found no more than blind alleys.