Soulful [adjective]

Definition of Soulful:


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Sentence/Example of Soulful:

If I had my way I'd be as pretty as a cinema star and twice as soulful.

They introduced him into all the most soulful circles of artistic society.

He would sit and gaze at281 me in the most soulful, appreciative way.

What was he doing, sitting there gleaming, carried away, soulful?

How enormous her dark eyes were, Daoud thought, how soulful.

One sight of her soulful eyes would say more than all my protestations.

Is she not to be a soulful wife and a loving, judicious mother?

Lute pleaded in soulful tones while she studied her chances for escape.

He sent it shooting into the realms of the soulful with a whiz.

He was poetic and soulful; but at the same time erratic and uncertain.