Sounded [verb]

Definition of Sounded:

produce noise

Synonyms of Sounded:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sounded:

Sentence/Example of Sounded:

But beforehand, I can tell you what he and what his sisters will say, when they are sounded.

It had sounded strange, but Sullivan was not there to ask questions.

He sounded that pool with a long branch and found no bottom.

The suggestion came first from Gracie Dennis, and sounded reasonable.

At least that was the way it sounded to the people who heard it.

My heart was pounding until in my own ears it sounded like an anvil chorus.

The preacher's voice rose until it sounded like a trumpet blast.

This sounded grateful in our ears; and we agreed to the proposal.

Before she had laughed at the weird complaining; now it sounded like a moan of misery.

How mysterious, how infinitely tender it sounded in that awful blackness!