Sounding [verb]

Definition of Sounding:

produce noise

Synonyms of Sounding:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sounding:

Sentence/Example of Sounding:

After sounding me for some time, he inquired if I had any berth.

The sounding thumps of his hoofs on the ground awoke the sleeper.

He opened his mouth as wide as he could, and shut it with a sounding snap of his teeth.

Then he slapped his leg with a sounding and triumphant slap.

It could scarcely be heard above the Babel of tongues which was sounding.

There was a reel and there were sound-speakers to keep the ship from sounding like a grave.

Amid screams from the women, two sounding blows fell on Csar's face.

Garnache went about sounding the man with a wiliness peculiarly his own.

I wanted to see what he looked like, Nadine had been sounding his praises so.

June Jenrys looked as if the word 'heartless' were yet sounding in her ears.