Soundlessly [adverb]

Definition of Soundlessly:


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Sentence/Example of Soundlessly:

Soundlessly he pushed it open, passed in and as soundlessly closed it again.

She stepped through, with me soundlessly scurrying after her.

Pandora very prettily and soundlessly mouthed across at him.

Soundlessly, she went from the room and down the length of the corridor.

He was sleeping painfully but soundlessly when Marian came in.

I tapped my finger on it soundlessly—and she looked down,—and saw!

Spreading slowly, soundlessly, their heat now melting the ground.

She could only open her mouth, and close it again, soundlessly and helplessly.

For all his bulk he melted through the tangle as soundlessly as a spirit.

Soundlessly, closing her eyes, Barbara sank into the dust of the street.