Soundly [adverb]

Definition of Soundly:

happily, pleasantly; capably

Opposite/Antonyms of Soundly:

Sentence/Example of Soundly:

Making sure that all were soundly sleeping, he stole quietly out.

The child was sleeping so soundly it seemed impossible that he could wake for some time.

"You see how soundly she is sleeping," resumed the unhappy mother.

And presently Jan was sleeping almost as soundly as her obstreperous niece.

Then at night she sleeps so soundly that she never wakes up to ask me if I'm in pain.

Then she ceased to try to awaken him, since he was sleeping so soundly.

He had been soundly schooled by his guileful Sicilian mother.

Within five minutes he was lost to all worldly cares and soundly asleep.

Then they fell upon him and thrashed him soundly, and drove him right away.

Scourge her soundly, man; scourge her till her blood runs down!