Sounds [noun]

Definition of Sounds:

something heard or audible

Synonyms of Sounds:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sounds:

Sentence/Example of Sounds:

The impact of sounds on his ear from the receiver set him to attention.

From the sounds, she judged that he was putting on his shabby gray coat.

That is not such a tragic thing as possibly it sounds to you.

Other, though fainter, sounds than these contributed to my restlessness.

Never before had any night sounds in this old house mounted in this way to her ears.

It sounds like the wind a-blowin' through white clovah, doesn't it?

The throb of these sounds was as a background to the evening--fierce, passionate, barbaric.

Lady Glenthorn and her set were dancing, and I was tired of these sounds of gaiety.

Everywhere you could hear merry converse and sounds of laughter.

Hours passed with no other sounds than those of the rapidly waning tempest.