Soupy [adjective]

Definition of Soupy:


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Sentence/Example of Soupy:

After cracking the shells, the procedure was to boil and strain the mixture, which gave them a rich, soupy liquid.

The soupy, saffron-colored fog enshrouded the Viking as she dropped lower and lower.

The soupy whirling Nile flood washed the decks of the steamers almost from stem to stern.

With the ship bucking madly in a soupy atmosphere, few Ejectors could be mobilized and only one of them in time.

The initial stages in the freezing of sea-water, when its consistency becomes gluey or soupy.

Where he broke it, it was oozing a soupy liquid and was full of tiny maggots in a delirium of feasting.

Well, if you ask ME, I'm glad you started off with it—this soupy stuff'd be the mischief to get away with with a fork.

Lockhart brought the Magellan down gradually, closer, closer, and finally sank it into the soupy atmosphere of Venus.

On one occasion he was ordered with his own troops and a body of Marathas to capture the little fort of Soupy.

Where he broke it away oozed a soupy liquid full of tiny maggots in a delirium of feasting.