Sourced [verb]

Definition of Sourced:

derived from a manufacturer or supplier

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Sentence/Example of Sourced:

On one side are arguments that schools are not major sources of spread.

Barrett shows the sole source of this idea to be a short — fewer than 100 words — and much-disputed passage by Tacitus.

Bucks sending Eric Bledsoe and George Hill and draft compensation to New Orleans, sources said.

In this book, Kucharski, an epidemiologist, explores the source of outbreaks — and finds similarity in how things spread, from social media fads to the novel coronavirus.

Dubbed Sunshine Contacts, the app seeks to cull double entries while updating old phone numbers and emails in the address book by pulling, with user permission, contact information from sources such as Apple contacts, LinkedIn, and email.

For him, getting together with family or friends is just too risky—especially as small family gatherings are turning out to be the source of many new infections.

People might be heating their homes even more over the winter off of sources that are driven by fossil fuels.

Shop the largest source of sponsorship revenue for the company in the fourth quarter, according to chief revenue officer Geoff Schiller.

As she tried to use Zady to offer products with a more positive impact, she also became a source of knowledge for many other companies.

Over the summer, marketers from the advertiser started meeting with ad tech vendors to understand how they run programmatic auctions, said the source.