Sources [noun]

Definition of Sources:

beginning; point of supply

Opposite/Antonyms of Sources:

Sentence/Example of Sources:

It is a danger that lurks and hides in the sources and fountains of power in every state.

Were I to reach the sources of the Nile, I should expect to meet him there.

It was the first of the sources of the Bogan we had reached.

There are only two sources of knowledge, observation and reasoning.

All these, in different ways and at different times, are sources of pure Happiness.

His next step was to re-establish the markets and re-open the sources of supply.

You tell me we ought to enlarge our sphere of sensation, and to extend the sources of happiness.

And meanwhile what began to interest and absorb me were sources--testimony.

The sources of that conflict were two: doubts, and the lust of the flesh.

She saw his white teeth, and her tears rushed back to their sources.