Sourest [adjective]

Definition of Sourest:

bad-tasting; gone bad

Synonyms of Sourest:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sourest:

Sentence/Example of Sourest:

In Berry it is the women that are sour, but the wines are rich.

And on his countenance there was a sour, querulous, resentful expression.

It is not blood, but sour buttermilk that flows in their veins.'

The bread was sour and the Italian butter rank and cheesy—often uneatable.

And what about those fatal Apples, those two sour fruits of their Love?

You found upon that a general law, that all hard and green apples are sour; and that, so far as it goes, is a perfect induction.

Goujet, who had noticed Gervaise's emotion, gave the newcomer a sour look.

At last, with a sour look, he said that he must in any event satisfy M. Mouchel.

He picked some apples by the road-side, but they were sour and hard.

The water which is taken off is sour, and is called sure water: this is the proper leaven for the first steeping of the materials.