Souring [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Souring:

The work of the germ in the dairy is not, however, confined to souring the milk.

What are the most favorable conditions for the souring of milk?

The souring is done by passing the goods through an acid liquor at 2° Tw.

They were souring on him as they would have expressed it in their language.

The struggle with his uncle seemed to be souring him or deadening him.

The souring of milk is one of the most familiar cases of fermentation.

These are the curds and whey that result, also, from the souring of milk.

If milk is used, how may the souring of the milk be prevented?

The first stages of souring are not so objectionable, so far as wholesomeness is concerned.

With care to keep it from souring, the corn may be dried without cooking.