Sourness [noun]

Definition of Sourness:

harshness; bad temper

Synonyms of Sourness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sourness:

Sentence/Example of Sourness:

The only way is to give them drink; this will mellow the sourness of age.

Kwel smell of staleness, of sourness, above all of coldness!

There are, however, some methods that will help to determine the sourness of the soil.

But pain and weakness brought with them no sourness of spirit.

Any expression seems to crack it—with the exception of sourness.

It had given her face no sourness, but it put a shadow into her eyes.

As to the men personally, he chose Carpendike, for all his obstinacy and sourness.

It was to him the one smart of sourness in her charm as a woman.

He became aware that he had spoken for himself, and he had a fit of sourness.

With all her prejudices and sourness, she was as good as gold when any of us were ill.