Southerly [adjective]

Definition of Southerly:

in the south

Synonyms of Southerly:

Opposite/Antonyms of Southerly:

Sentence/Example of Southerly:

Formerly rare, now abundant in all the southerly third of the Park.

Unexpected results had ensued from these trips in a southerly direction.

Southerly, in North latitude; the reverse in the Southern hemisphere.

They noted, however, that the party started in a southerly direction.

The adventurers had long passed the most southerly point of Spanish influence.

The Paradise Glacier is one of several on the southerly slope.

The most southerly latitude attained on this voyage was 67 50', in long.

Mount Thorvald Nilsen was the most southerly we could see from this point.

But they have an uneasy feeling that he knows a hawk from a hernshaw when the wind is southerly.

Pennsylvania was about the southerly limit of their migrations.