Southern [adjective]

Definition of Southern:

in the south

Synonyms of Southern:

Opposite/Antonyms of Southern:

Sentence/Example of Southern:

Of this breed there are supposed to be about three millions in our Southern provinces.

Five men were floating about in a boat in the Southern ocean.

Harriet was known by various names among her Southern friends.

Somebody had said that we had plenty of Dominicans already in the Southern States.

We have the deep warm blue of a southern sky and burning sunshine.

He had given his only son and his strong right arm to the Southern cause.

Along the southern face of the position there are no buildings which are not ruined.

He claims to be from a 'high up' Southern family, but has been a plainsman since 1851.

The Southern chivalry howled, and hanged or burned some one in effigy.

Just now a wave of religion is sweeping over some of the Southern States.