Southpaw [adjective]

Definition of Southpaw:

using left hand or awkward

Synonyms of Southpaw:

Opposite/Antonyms of Southpaw:

Sentence/Example of Southpaw:

The Chicagos have never been able to do much against his southpaw slants.

He was seeking to get at the southpaw with his bare left hand!

He surveyed the southpaw from head to foot with apparent interest.

“That may have been an accidental meeting,” said the southpaw.

The principal question was whether the southpaw could “go the distance.”

If so,” laughed the southpaw, “he has been some busy person.

The southpaw was doing some serious thinking as he walked back to the mound.

Smiling, the southpaw nodded to Betts as King pulled on the wire cage.

The southpaw gazed in surprise at the flushed face of his charming wife.

All three of the thugs would be at the southpaw again in another jiffy.