Souvenir [noun]

Definition of Souvenir:

keepsake from event

Synonyms of Souvenir:

Opposite/Antonyms of Souvenir:


Sentence/Example of Souvenir:

Wiggle appeared to claim the locust as a souvenir of the scout's magic.

I'd like to keep it for a souvenir, but I'm afraid you need it!

What souvenir of a great man can compete with the knocker of his door?

"I am culling a souvenir, madame," said he, plucking a moss-ross as the lady passed.

That's right; always keep your word, and take this trifle as a souvenir of me.

The covenant is Wilson's souvenir to the future of the world.

I'm a great smoker, and I should like a souvenir now I'm going away.

All is forgotten, all is dead to him except the souvenir of the son who was dear to him.

Nearly every tourist presses a souvenir of it in his notebook.

Then, very coaxingly, "Didn't you bring your old Nannie a souvenir from the war?"