Sowed [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Sowed:

He knew nothing about it, and went and sowed his field with it.

He returned disappointed, with a tale that sowed dismay in Fenzileh and Marzak.

Therefore I went out and sowed the corn in my enemy's field, that God might exist.

They sowed neither wheat nor barley, and yet they had lots and lots to eat.

I have a whole bedful, and all from a penny packet of seed that I sowed myself.

No single man ever sowed gentleness and mercy with so broad a sweep.

These he sowed with wheat and rye, buying the seed on credit.

Besides this they sowed about twelve bushels of barley they had gotten in the ship.

What she had not, too, they gave her—the attributes she sowed in them.

Fuseli, who sowed his satire broadcast, exclaimed one day: 'What!