Spaceport [noun]

Definition of Spaceport:

space shuttle

Synonyms of Spaceport:

Opposite/Antonyms of Spaceport:


Sentence/Example of Spaceport:

He watched the ambulance flit off as he waited for the Spaceport Patrol.

One instant, starship Thirteen had been light-months from Earth, the next it was sitting in the Spaceport.

They stowed their newly purchased equipment inside and started to climb in as Astro announced, "Spaceport, driver!"

"Spaceport traffic control to Polaris," reported the traffic officer, his face in focus on the teleceiver screen.

"Spaceport traffic control to Connel," came a voice in reply over the audioceiver.

"Spaceport control to Polaris," the voice of the tower operator replied.