Spading [verb]

Definition of Spading:

dig up; shovel

Synonyms of Spading:

Opposite/Antonyms of Spading:







Sentence/Example of Spading:

Evidently Anne intended to have no spading at random in a fair green orchard.

She had seen him spading in the orchard, and if Miss Lydia wanted to carry up the towels!

Its spading was a complicated business and it lay too far off to permit of conversation.

If Dominick can't find time to do the spading we'll just let it go.

He turned into his garden and watched Max, the robot, spading in the petunia bed.

Talk, to me, is only spading up the ground for crops of thought.

When the spading has been done, then use your rake and spare it not.

They went on with their spading in the fields, while shrapnel was pinging.

"There's a loam for you," said an old gardener, spading an oval plot on a lawn.

This may be done by spading and hoeing, but better by thorough mulching.