Spake [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Spake:

The aged philosopher endeavoured to speak, but his voice was tremulous with emotion.

He has obtained from his son a solemn promise never to speak to me of marriage.

"I have not heard the rumours whereof you speak," replied Philothea.

But the Lacedæmonians make it a rule never to speak of danger from their slaves.

Phœbus protect me, but this is an awful place to speak of those who sleep.

Your own confessions, Eudora, do not speak well for her instructions.

I am sure the injury you speak of could not have happened when he was in charge.

"There is one other matter I wanted to speak to you about, Mr. Paine," he said.

There was none to speak of left now except in Africa; and they were pessimistic about Africa.

I do not propose to speak in detail of the dinner that followed.