Spangled [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Spangled:

You know my reputation—30 years in a circus and never lost a spangle.

Presently their objective came into sight: a spangle of lights on the ground.

They might miss the spangle and sawdust of the circus, you know.

These blessed considerations were made to spangle in mine eyes.

Sheila Kaye-Smith is not a painter, even though with dew diamonds the thorn-bush she spangle.

There were shimmer and spangle and firefly sparklings in the lustrous folds of her gown.

This metallic "spangle" varies a little in size and in shape, but not to any noteworthy extent (Plate 24, Fig. 2).

The stars that spangle the ceilings of churches on a blue ground are usually of cast lead gilt.

Bright dots of burnished gold begin faintly to spangle the sky in front.

On every hand luscious lawns spread, filled with crocuses and dandelions just beginning to spangle the green.