Spared [verb]

Definition of Spared:

do or manage without

Synonyms of Spared:

Opposite/Antonyms of Spared:










Sentence/Example of Spared:

They carried the Weapon27 which spared not, nor flinched from the battle.

They carried the Weapon which spared not, nor flinched from the battle.

He begged and implored that his life might be spared, promising to tell all that might be asked of him.

The words, of her age, piqued me; and I spared no pains to make him forget them.

For your sake also I have spared your father when I had but to make a sign to remove him from my path.

Procinus, however, was spared to die of the bite of a viper.

He spared no expense, which he could well afford, seeing that he never paid a penny.

I heard Captain Oliver tell her it was for her son's sake that she was spared.

Here again, had Hetty been like other women, she might have been spared her suffering.

All our lives are precious, and they will be all spared, thank God!