Sparked [verb]

Definition of Sparked:

start, inspire

Synonyms of Sparked:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sparked:

Sentence/Example of Sparked:

The flint clicked down and sparked, and powder sizzled in the pan.

Not so much at first, though she sparked up after I give her your ring.

He also related how Chow's remarks about the radio music had sparked the idea.

Her eyes flattened, distended, and sparked like micaceous rock in the dark.

Burning wings withered on the ground; dead leaves had sparked now, and whips of light ran on the clearing floor.

There, if anywhere, was some deserted creature, author of the unread message that had sparked across the sea.

There was something about the metallic rasp of the radio's voice that sparked him to sudden rebelliousness.

It sparked, it ignited, it did everything a perfect automobile should do, just as a perfect automobile should do it.

The water-cat had been close to death by starvation; its attack on the men probably had been sparked by sheer desperation.

At which the glint in her eye and the hidden smile on her lips sort of met and sparked and she laughed.