Sparring [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Sparring:

Could it be, I asked myself, that they were sparring for the possession of me?

They circled, facing each other like sparring gamecocks of a giant variety.

He plied his companions with questions, sparring for more time.

"'Twas this way," said Mr. Hennessy, sparring at Mr. Dooley.

Then she has to while away several hours (or days) sparring herself off.

It was Douglas, too, who began the sparring for a political advantage.

A fellow had to fight those days, no sparring, no pretty footwork.

What's the good of sparring with your man when you've got to find where the play's coming?

Both looked their best; as, when sparring, men always do look.

Well, for one thing, it teaches them the value of sparring.'